Ile Aux Cerfs Lagoon is one of the finest sandy beaches in Mauritius to spend your day on. A bunch of us were at Trou Aux Biches (a famous place to shop, eat and drink) and after we were done with all the shopping, we had two choices, to either take a bus back to our resort or walk to on the beach for 2 hours hoping that it would lead us to our resort. I am glad we chose the latter. It was tiring – I’ll give you that, but the experience was exceptional. We started around five in the evening and saw the striking sun go down for the day. There was an elderly couple getting married on the beach with the dusking sun playing priest. Considering I had just been married a few days before with 1000+ people at my wedding, watching this one from a distance gave me a distinct perspective of marriage.

If you are planning a vacation to Mauritius, I would highly recommend you stay in one of those resorts facing this beach. Every penny spent will be worth it.


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