Man & Wife

1 year ago
She and her girlfriend were out shopping for her wedding in Commercial Street as they did on most weekdays. It was dark & late in the evening but they weren’t going to forego shopping simply because they were fatigued from working.
She had a few days left for her wedding and didn’t have a Malgalasutra yet. She reminded her girlfriend that she needed one and they headed to a dingy shop on the shady side of the street. They surprised the salesgirl when they wanted to buy Mangalasutra hastily. The salesgirl went inside to bring back diverse designs available but, they weren’t interested in the design, they just wanted to pick something up that the world associated ‘Marriage’ with more closely than love. She was stunned when the salesgirl said that it was RS. 1000 for a thin string with black beads. She started bargaining and almost got kicked out of the store. A grave sin to put a price on the holy thread. Her girlfriend laughed at her candidness and dragged her out of the store outright. They had virtually no discernment of social cause and effect. They were both going to hell.
1 day before the wedding, 1 year ago
She didn’t have the Mangalasutra one day before their wedding either. She finally managed to buy a RS. 200 holy twine in a small place close to where she lived, when she looked at it for the first time, the fact that she was going to be married the next day hadn’t sunk in yet & she thought to herself – ‘Yea, this ought to serve the purpose’. Because that’s all it meant to her.
Present day, 1 year ago
It was her wedding day. She neither wore a Silk Saree nor had thorough make up on. She wore a new white Salwar Suit, took her parent’s blessings and then from someone up there too, dubiously stared at the holy twine for a moment and made up her mind to try it on. Too daunted to look in the mirror after embracing it, she rushed out of the room while everyone wished her luck. Her sister kept giggling endlessly sipping a cup of hot tea getting ready to head to work. She stole a sip of tea from her sister as she did every day.
Everything seemed normal, yet a mundane wonder of unimagined kinds.
He was waiting for her outside in a blue shirt and beige trousers. As they walked swiftly holding hands towards the end of the road, he looked at her and said that she was looking beautiful. She breathed a sigh of respite that she didn’t appear overly intimidating to him especially with the holy twine around her neck.
They hired a rikshaw & headed to the Registrar Office to be married.
His brother decided to be a part of the wedding ceremony to keep them sane. It was her, him and his brother. That’s it.
They looked at each other in disbelief as they signed the marriage certificate. A few minutes later, they were married. She had always dreamt of a simple wedding. And she got one. It was one of the best days of her life.
Present day
She was getting ready to go to work and looked at the holy twine sitting in a groovy red box on the dressing table. It reminded her of the day she got married. It was a happy wedding followed by a happy year for all that has ever mattered to her.

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