Growing Up

When I was in college, I didn’t own a mobile phone & using the land-line for more than 15 minutes/ friend was a big no-no. My parents never panicked that they won’t be able to reach me or vice-versa when I was in trouble. And no, that didn’t make them bad parents either. They knew I’d manage and I am glad that they weren’t a part of my teenage vexation. I doubt texting my conservative father to let him know that my then boyfriend and I ran out of fuel in the middle of nowhere would have helped much.

There was no tablet or laptop. My dad brought me a crudely assembled PC but there was no internet connection at home.

The emergency cash in my wallet was never more than RS.10 and there was no pocket money until I started undergrad. Thanks to dating, pocket money was never enough & being broke was a way of life.

I shopped if there was an upcoming festival or my birthday. Otherwise, I had to do well in my tests to be rewarded a chance to shop whatever I wanted. (A shopping opportunity that remained pristinely unused).

I played badminton every day for 3-4 hours and never once complained of being sore or tired.

I had more meaningful conversations with my friends than I do now. There is something awing about sipping a hot cup of filter coffee with a friend without being distracted by work calls/ emails/ alcohol. 

This post isn’t an attempt to describe what I didn’t have, it’s the exact opposite. These limitations didn’t mar how much fun I had as a teenager. As a matter of fact, it’s the lack of it that made growing up exciting. Sure enough, I wanted more than RS.10 in my wallet & cribbed about it once in a while, but everything else was immaculate.

It’s just one of those days I wish I could go back and relive being 18. Or have a week with all the people I love in an internet-free or cell phone free world.

Sharing pictures of the first child that I ever photographed – She didn’t know what the hell I was up to, but she played along like a little actor warding off paparazzi. – Anika everybody!


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