THE Golden Gate

I think I was probably 10 years old when I watched a Kannada movie called ‘America-America’ with my mom and her colleagues. It’s probably one of my favorite movies of all times. Together with some class acting, the movie hugely spoke about us, Indians, living The American Dream. Both it’s upside & downside. It was an era where Indian Engineers started gaining importance on a global platform.
It was definitely a bit too mature for me to understand all parts of the movie back then, however, there was a temperamental scene involving the couple choosing to not be together which does leave you teary-eyed. I may have cried because I watched my mom cry. and oh she cried a lot & I mean a LOT while watching emotionally taxing movies. Needless to say, the scene was shot at THE Golden Gate which took the dramatic composition to a whole new level. Well, my only take away from the movie was to be able to visit THE Golden Gate when I was happy or sad just like the female protagonist in the movie. It cracks me up when I hark back on how filmy I used to be.
And not so long ago, my dream came true when we took a trip to San Francisco. We cruised around the infamous Alcatraz Island that ultimately tours under the majestic bridge. After a long wait, the moment when my eyes caught the bridge, I couldn’t help but think of that scene from the movie. Every thing I’d heard of this magnificent bridge was true. I had to hold onto my heart because there is only so much awesomeness my heart can take. Everyone on the cruise stopped doing everything else and gazed at the bridge in awe weathered by the sun, wind & seagulls.
No, we didn’t get enough of it so we had to go back again. Only this time, we decided to take a walk on the bridge. Walking on the bridge was so much more fun than we’d imagined. We had to scream at each other to be able to hear one another, and yes that’s how windy it is. Add that to the swooshing vehicles on the bridge driving by, we were one step away from buying Bluetooth head sets to talk. But really, what a dazzlingly beautiful place this one. I’d want to go back there again & again & again.
My visit to THE Golden Gate was a dramatic experience after all.
Some of my favorite shots below.


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