What a day

After a long time, I decided to take a walk today, at lunch time. I couldn’t resist the sun and wind outside so I just went for it. What a kick start to my day this was. Every step I took was adorned by Cherry Blossoms. Beautiful would be such an understatement. See for yourself.
Murali also winded up work early today and we headed towards Kirkland in the evening. The city-bred feel to the place is pretty awesome. We took a walk near the water front and later ate at a small authentic American restaurant, for the first time. One of the best burgers I’ve ever had so far, hands down. We chose to sit outside and soak up the sun some more. Although it had gotten cold by then, the view outside made it all worth it. Every time we go to Kirkland, we just want to rent a home and live there. It’s that beautiful.

It was a beautiful day today. A memorable one.Then, we went to watch a movie. Murali is a movie buff among the two of us and I usually let him choose. This time, he asked me to pick a movie generously (which doesn’t ever happen btw), so I picked Single Moms Club assuming that it would be a light-hearted pick for the evening but it turned out to be boring and dumb. Boy, what a torture it was to sit through the whole movie. But, it was fun to watch Murali pull his hair out and threatening to kill me every five minutes. We now have to watch at least fifteen really good action movies to erase the experience of watching this crap. Anyway.


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