Olympic National Park

A few months ago we took a trip to Olympic National Park with a few friends. The water was freezing and the ocean winds, fierce. We watched the sunset at the beach, step-by-step. I had stared at the sun for so long that everything looked red for a long time afterward.
Remembering what a great day it was and sharing some of my favorite pictures.


8 thoughts on “Olympic National Park

  1. nomadfashionista

    Beautiful pictures :) Soo looking forward to visiting this place. The viewww <3 and hahaha I like the last line :P Dads are just too cute.
    PS: You love Lovely :D Profile picture material haha..

  2. Sandeep

    Lovely pictures Ranjin. visiting there next month – after viewing these beautiful sampling of photos – so looking forward to it.


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