Happy Birthday, MIL

My dear Mother-in-law,
When you both visited us last year, I can’t describe in words how splendid it was. I was sulking the whole evening after you left. It doesn’t mean that I am a nice person or anything (and many will testify to this fact happily), It simply speaks heaps about how great you both are. I miss coming back home to Appa’s Kadak Chai and to the scent of yummy Avalakki with Bhimsen Joshi’s pandora station running in the background all along. I miss our evening walks and our countless trips to the lake. I don’t know how else to say it, but home actually felt like home when you were here.
Remember, when we took a trip to CA, our flight got delayed on our way back and we only reached home at midnight? All of us had been starving but no one had the energy to cook. Except you of course. You just don’t seem to get tired, ma. You happily convinced us all that we didn’t have to go out food hunting at that time and made Upma in the middle of the night. I was already asleep by the time you finished cooking, but unlike most MIL portrayals in Ekta Kapoor serials I grew up watching, you neither got angry with me nor expected me to cook. In fact, you woke me up and hand delivered my dinner plate. Your ability to understand someone else and the willingness to go out of your way to do something for the people you care about is fantastic. My interactions with you only makes me realize how the Hindi and Kannada TV shows are steering young women to have a forged opinion about someone they haven’t even met.
You’ve advised me how it was OK for me to spend a lot on something if I wanted it badly or prevent Murali from spending on something if it was completely unnecessary (I am still working on mastering that skill by the way). The point being, nobody would be so considerate even if they tried. But righteousness comes so naturally to you.
I learn so much from you everyday & I can’t brag enough of your poise and of that infectious enthusiasm. Like I said, I feel so incredibly lucky to be a part of this family.
Here’s hoping someone I look up to and deeply care about has an amazing year.
Happy birthday, Ma.
Your daughter-in-law

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