For Him

He was the kid next door. He was excited to see me and I was excited to be the reason behind that excitement. He was that familiar face in a crowded train compartment. He would butt against, snub intentionally and annihilate everything surrounding him to get to me. He’d look straight into my eyes and through my dense soul. He wouldn’t divvy up any percentage of me, not even a fleck of my abysmal stupidity. 
We’ve celebrated huge milestones at tacky restaurants, we’ve celebrated silly nothingnesses at fine diners. Some days he gets to enjoy the spotlight and on a few other, I do. You know what, most days, I do. There are bits of him I like, there are bits of him that I tolerate and most of him, that I love. Truly and wildly. 
We annoy the crap out of each other. We’ve slammed doors in each other’s faces, yelled & cursed. But, when I pack up, jump ship and get ready to scram, he follows, breathing fire. Not because he vowed he would, especially not because he vowed. For there is more to it than loves’ and vows, veiling underneath my cracked perfection. 
Now, we danced to this song from Barfi- Kyon Na Hum Tum like loonies. That’s when it hit me, I married the right fella.

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