The Grand Canyon

Last week was something else altogether. A week that I never want to revisit ever again and hope that everything’s going to be OK or a week that’ll haunt me for the rest of my life. Either way, I’ll refrain myself from sharing all those excruciating details but I am going to pen down the good bits of it. Murali & I saw something amazing together- The Grand Canyon- One of the natural wonders of the world. It was such a fantastic experience that no picture or word would do justice in depicting how terrific this place is. The canyons started forming 90 million years ago and has come to be a home to some dangerous creatures such as Rattlesnakes and Diamond Backs down at the canyons and Mountain Lions and Elks across the vegetation. The Mountain Lions here are nine foot long and weigh approximately 300 LB whereas in most other places, they are only about six foot long and weigh between 100-150 LB. So, when you see you a Lion crossing sign (which you will), just run and quit looking for a lion.
I was hoping to see at least one snake, but no such luck this time. I’ve heard there are plenty so when we do an elaborate hike next time around, we’ll probably glimpse a few and hopefully make it back without getting bit. It’s funny that I’m already dreaming of hiking up the canyons again (didn’t I just come back from there?) and trust that the Rattlesnakes are a common sighting. I am not coming back without spotting one. Ah, my somber dreams.
Our guide, Frankopedia (well, Frank) told us that every cave and valley down below are home to a dissimilar species of bugs, spiders and flies which are not to be seen in another cave or valley. And scientists have contingently unearthed about five percent of the entire stretch so far. That’s it. Interesting eh? 
So all in all, Murali and I wore the same type of tees and toured in a pink jeep, he made me hike in my pump shoes only to tell me later, that it was really unsafe (thank you?), we pigged out on fries all three days, I drove a convertible for the first time, watched the sun set between the magnificent valleys and sighed an infinite times over, I didn’t carry my camera this time and it didn’t mar the trip in anyway and finally the drive- an incredible drive in the company of an incredible human I’ve ever known. 
Also, I am all into black and white this week. So, here’s a peek at my low resolution, colourless, phone camera pictures. Black and White. 



2 thoughts on “The Grand Canyon

  1. weourlife

    When I first came to US this was one among the first place I wanted to visit, but it took a while for me to do so. I love the black and white perspective of the canyons.


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