Happy ‘Father’s Day’ Week – Day 2

Of course I was excited about my wedding, but, I also felt guilty for being excited. Every new silk saree reminded me of the day that I’d have to leave MY home. Forever. A vague look at my marriage invitation card made me ask myself a few insanely weird questions-
“Is that going to be my last day of sorts?”
“How do I thank the walls and the windows for the darkness and light?”

“Would it seem odd if I took my mirror with me? What if I don’t recognize myself when I peek into a different mirror that’s much bigger and glossier?””Or what about the pillow that smells like my shampoo? that mine?”

“Should I just beg my father to not let me go instead?”Thoughts ramming my mind and heart every waking second, words stuck in my throat.
Except, I forgot what I’d set out to write now.
Oh well.

3 thoughts on “Happy ‘Father’s Day’ Week – Day 2

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