Three Years

Someday, I’m going to pen down all of the glory bits of this day and all that we had to go through to make it happen. It was hilarious to say the least. A sudden exam on a Sunday that ruined all our plans, a billboard with my picture on it, my oh-so-famous florescent blue Saree that has scarred Murali’s mind forever (So, when I bought this Saree, I completely missed that it glows in bright daylight, so I don’t blame him) and that evening when we danced to every Bollywood number until our legs fell off.
Gosh, who would’ve thought that a shrewdly debilitating piece of rock, shining like a bright star housed between four prongs could make me go weak at the knees, shiver, sweat and giggle as if I was on drugs? I was balled over by my own reaction to this one, considering I don’t lust for expensive jewelry at all.
Well, three years ago today, I knew what Cinderella felt like in those shoes. Except mine was a ring of course.

5 thoughts on “Three Years

  1. A.D!!

    Woot woot :D your on WordPress. hehe makes it so much easier to comment.
    Also, these are such beautiful pictures :D If only I had such a good photographer for our wedding hehe.

    1. Ranjini Post author

      Haha, thank you :-) It’s the power of make up Aditi ;-) and you look so pretty in your wedding pictures. So, shush.

  2. Little Fingers

    I am glad you moved to WordPress . It is so much easier to read and comment.

    You both look amazing in those wedding pics. I love the fact you look so simple contrast to most Indian brides 😊

    1. Ranjini Post author

      Thanks LF

      haha. This was just the engagement, now that I look at it I think I should’ve kept my wedding outfit simple too. But, thank you.


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