Dear Anti-Modi Folks

I hope all you English speaking secular intellectuals of India are watching what Modi has been doing, observing keenly how he has been going places where no other Indian Prime Minister has. It was the same man that our disgraceful Congress party pointed fingers at and called him a murderer while the highest judicial authority in our country wrote him a clean chit for they couldn’t prove squat about his wrongful participation in the 2002 Godhra incident. It has been a slap in the face of Congress who’d simply assumed that he must have been guilty considering the man couldn’t care less about defending himself in public even once. I guess he didn’t have to you know, he had done above and beyond compared to any other preceding Chief Minister of Gujarat through decades of communal riots.

Modi didn’t have to rag his religious beliefs mortifying Hinduism to up his minority vote count during election. He stood by his religion and his people, 31% of the Gujarat Muslims who voted for Modi live to tell that tale today, they recognize that at one point they may have misunderstood Modi to have played a role in the riots, but were prudent enough to remark it was indeed Congress that wagered a cheap plot to crucify Modi so it works to their advantage, making him a scapegoat to collar in the bloodshed.

Today, Gujarat would not have flourished the way it has without Modi’s leadership. Be it industrialization, education, tourism or just improving basic living conditions for the poor. He has done it all. The once opposing Muslims in Gujarat have gone to win the Zilla Parishad and Municipal elections on BJP tickets at an unprecedented number during Modi’s tenure. Now, why would he let that happen if he was anti-Muslim? Why did Muslims even consider joining BJP if they didn’t reckon Modi was helping them grow? Why didn’t Congress manage incumbency after 2002 if Gujaratis loved them so much?

I know all this is stale news. I know Modi already beat the shit out of Congress when he won the 2014 General Election with a sweeping majority. For some strange reason today, when I read about the historical meeting between Xi Jinping & our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, and found out that his speech is going to be telecasted live at the iconic Times Square in New York while he addresses 20,000 Indian students, I couldn’t help but grin ear to ear thanking heavens for all those who voted for him. As a twenty something year old myself who desperately wants to do something for her country, for her people, for her family, his story is an inspiration. Going from selling chai to voting down the most influential political party in India, is inspiring. And that, had to be acknowledged in my little rant house. 

Think one hundred times before you call Modi a murderer again.


4 thoughts on “Dear Anti-Modi Folks

  1. A.D!!

    Haha well said ..well said :D
    Goooo Modiii .. :) He is such an inspiration and people are just Idiots to not see all that hes doing. Its after such a long time that I want to actually switch on the news when hes talking just to hear him speak. Whaaat confidenceee.

    1. Ranjini Post author

      True. People demonize him even after all that scrutiny. He has been time tested and has proved himself repeatedly over and over again and yet the doubt because he won’t give up on religious beliefs. And thank you :-)

  2. Deepa

    Amen to your post! I don’t have anything to add, you have done it very well in your post. Looking forward to his visit to USA.


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