Happy 28th


We’ve celebrated 14 of your 28 birthdays together. You know, that does make us seem like an old couple? Since we’ve been a real couple only for the last 6 years, your friendship reigns your love by 2 years. Okay, why am I talking about us being a couple again?? This was supposed to be your birthday post and I was not supposed to talk about myself! Bah, had I mustered a brave core and gotten two good sentences out of my mouth without crying an ocean yesterday, we could’ve averted this nullity altogether. Right?

I want to talk about your accomplishments and where you are headed, but I don’t know where to begin and when to stop, somehow, underpinning your triumphs alone just doesn’t cut it. So, I’m not even going to try. I’ll have to find a mammoth’s heart to replace it with my own to contain all this exhilaration and pride you know. But then, you downplay everything and call it mediocre and brush it off when I want to celebrate. Tell me something, how do you manage to be so humble? As much as I want you to give that sharp mind of yours some credit it deserves, I must admit that I find the same modesty incredibly sexy! Stay just the way you are, my man. You are a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Here’s to winged dreams and a lifetime of laughter! Happy 28th, love.

Yours truly


4 thoughts on “Happy 28th

  1. A.D!!

    hehe so many birthdays :D
    Wish Murali from my side :) and this is so beautifully written. 14 birthdays??? :) I don’t think I’ve ever spent so many together with anyone other than my parents :P

    Hoping the year ahead is full of travel adventures, success (credit to the sharp mind) and love for you guys :D


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