Deepavali this year

Today, I finally got my lazy arse to get some work done around the house. And I must say I’m pretty darn proud of what I’ve got done in 24 hours. Work was as usual, but I got drenched three times and didn’t cuss at the pouring rains even once. I’m scared to admit, but I may have transitioned over to the other side. *gulp*

I made a festival resolution today. That, I’m going to bring in a new potted plant for every big festival that we celebrate. Yes, I’m aware that my plants will be living inside the apartment soon and us, outside at this rate, but the cold weather is not bothering me anymore, so I might as well move my bed over to the balcony.

This talented friend of mine showed me how to make Pedas. I decided to give it a try and they are absolutely delicious. The best part about this treat was that it only took under twenty minutes for me to make ’em.

And, my biggest feat this Deepavali has to be the fact that I finally put together a Puja room at home. Well, I’m not half as religious as I used to be, but a dedicated space for the big man up there makes me feel good, positive. So, I laid out those small idols that’d come as a gift from my parents, and washed and lit the oil lamp that’d come as a wedding gift from one of my very close friends. I know she’d put in a lot of thought into what to buy for me before she made this purchase. A gift that brightens up my home and I love it.

What a fabulous day it has been, I’m so happy!


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