This season.

Everywhere I look, I see shades of Red, Yellow, Orange and Green. Last week, we unexpectedly, discovered a side to Leavenworth which didn’t have anything to do with beer. I cannot put in words how breathtakingly gorgeous all of this season has been, can’t seem to get enough of it.

+ I’ve set some big fitness goals for this month. I’m dedicating 100% of my time after work to getting fit and nothing else. Thanks to a friend of ours for dragging us both to the gym today, we got just the kind of nudge that we needed. We’ll see if we can hit the magic number before my birthday.

Until then.


6 thoughts on “This season.

  1. Aarti

    Hi Ranjini…..great to hear about the gym . Also try taking up a sport on a daily basis …I speak out of experience …good luck ..

  2. Amogha

    The colors are just wow! & thanks a ton for reminding me abt the ‘magic number’….which i hope to hit sometime in the near future after some much needed divisions & subtractions

  3. A.D!!

    The pictures are beautiful (as usual). I’ve got goals too that I want to get to before my birthday :D heheh this week I hope to stay clean :P haha no junk food. Want to stay busy around the house too.


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