What’s cooking?

I may be onto something in the cooking department. Well, it’s not exactly cooking per say but more about making healthy choices. Honey for sugar, quinoa for rice, millet mash instead of potato mash, cacao instead of cocoa and the list goes on. And for me to able to make one choice over another, I have to know what a certain type of fruit/ vegetable/ grain/ oil does to my body and see if I’m able to recognize what it’s doing. Yeah I know I don’t make sense but you catch my drift, don’t you?

I couldn’t care less about losing weight or counting calories. But, I do care about nutrition, about my veggies, fruits, grains being organic, about buying non-processed, no preservative edibles. About buying dairy products from a source that I know treated their animals well even if it means that I pay twice as much. And I care a great deal about my food tasting delicious, no compromises there.

Needless to say these choices are having an impact on my life in more ways than one. I feel energetic, my skin feels amazing, I have good hair days 4/7 times a week. Above all, I have a better sense of what I eat and recognize what’s good for me and say NO if something doesn’t sit well my new found ideal. It’s not that hard really.

Also, my husband (the goofiest human I’ve known) and we are so much fun working out. I have so many things I want to write about but I’ll save my stories for another time.


2 thoughts on “What’s cooking?

  1. sharathnaren

    Well !! in a way i can relate to exactly what you want to convey. I was there in Jindal’s Naturopathic center (on Tumkur Road) for 15 days. I learnt how our body is interwound with the nature and how important is the food we take. One interesting thing was, when I visited a friend i had made in Jindal after an year and saw how following the same methods taught there had transformed his life. One bad thing every body does after returning is totally forget the nuances of life that they learnt – be it food, lifestyle etc. He is a father with 2 kids and had returned home after evading the typical Mumbai traffic at 8 PM. He was so energetic that it was as if he was ready to go to the office in the morning. P.S. he works in a finance sector. He had also influenced his mother and wife onto the same lifestyle and they had gladly imbibed it into their regular lifestyle.


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