Turning 28…

…sucks! It’s a reminder that I’m getting close to 30 and I don’t like 30 very much! I was 18 just yesterday, and this is not fair to me!

Okay, I’m kiddin’. I’ve made my peace with the fact that I can’t stop time.

Right now, I’m watching grey clouds hover over tall buildings, letting the Sun play hide and seek behind them. And a handful of golden yellow maple trees in every street. It’s beautiful, really.

So, we shared breakfast with a seagull yesterday, shopped and ate all day long. I had a birthday cake from wholefoods, (yeah, my husband knows I’m a health nut these days), who also spent a fortune to get me the best lens that’s out there. I cannot describe how good it is. It’s a 70-200 mm, f 2.8 lens. Pure magic.

I love the family I was born into. I love the family I married into. I love my friends and I’m absolutely loving my life. Here’s to 28!


4 thoughts on “Turning 28…

  1. RAMAN

    But Aging should stop.. I believe SO.. I am getting close to 22 and I am already missing when I was 17. Everything should move, aging shd stop. WOt say?


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