Canada, my birthday & thanksgiving.

Last week was a blast! Best week in November. And guess what, we road tripped all the way to Canada. How cool is that?! Truth be told, it only takes a couple of hours to get to Canada from here so it didn’t even feel like we were in a different country after all. We spent five days in Vancouver, BC. We were given a room on the 27th floor (yeah 27th, freaky co-incidence?) so the view from the balcony was pretty spectacular.

The iffy weather got on our nerves initially, rains, wind chills, even snow but we got used to it. (as always). The best part of it all was that I turned an year older while we were there and my husband made every moment of my birthday memorable for me. Cake, candles, surprises, gifts, birthday song, it had everything. It was quite funny too because my face looked bruised and beaten, as if someone had used my face as a punching bag, all thanks to a beauty parlor visit gone 100% wrong, but it made us both laugh so it was worth it I guess.

Since all of west celebrated Thanksgiving on my birthday, I’d written something down as well to count my lilliputian milestones and give thanks to everything I have today. Here goes.

– Call it our families’ faith in god if you may, but I’m thankful for their health. They mean so much to me, all I can wish for is for them to healthy.

– I’m hugely thankful for my husband. I married a good man and I feel no hesitation saying that every single day of my life. Last year, our relationship has been through some real ups and downs, but we’ve made it through. Thanks to him for not giving up on me and thanks to me for not giving up on me too.

– I finished all of my student loans this year. Funding two degrees by myself was expensive but it feels pretty darn good that I paid for my own education. I was seventeen when I took my first loan and I’ve come a long way. Couldn’t have possibly done any of it without my father, so thanks to him for walking every step of the way with me through this.

– I’m thankful for my job. I’ve earned more this year than I have all my life put together. Money is not everything, nothing ever has been my ‘everything’ or will be for that matter, but at twenty eight, it sure as hell is motivating, yes, money for me at this point of time in my life is motivating. Earning my own buck feels empowering to say the least.

– My husband and I have a home in Bangalore now. A city where we grew up and fell in love with each other. A city so close to our hearts that we are pining to go back to in spite of understanding its short comings. I’m so thankful for first our home and I know I don’t say it often enough.

– Thankful for my body? for listening to me, for complying. I’ve started eating healthy food, stayed as far away from TV as possible, worked out rigorously and I finally see results. And it only took a few small changes to my lifestyle to get here. I still have a long way to go, but it’s a good start nevertheless.

– Most importantly, I’m able to talk about my mother now without tearing up. It has been over nine years since her passing but some days still feel like a terrorizing dream. Slowly though, that icepick pain in my heart is going down, the magnitude of hurt is waning and considering the tiniest possibility of her being in a better place sort of helps. I’m so immensely grateful to her for giving me this life and this family.


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