Tea-ch thy Tea-mmate

One of my colleagues abruptly stopped at my cubicle today to admire my tea pot. Yea it caught his attention apparently. I had just then brewed a fresh pot of mint and coconut green tea, so everything around smelled coconut-y, mint-y, basically heaven like. He asked me about the infuser and what kind of tea I drink and weirdly stared at the pot for a few more seconds and called it ‘cool’ repeatedly. I smiled and accepted his compliments on my pot’s behalf. (No pun intended btw). And then he stared at it some more and left.

Ten minutes later, I went into the kitchen to get some water and who do I see there? The same colleague chatting with another tea-drinker colleague about, wait for it, tea pot! Again! What is up with him?! He was complimenting the colour of her tea pot (she has one of those authentic Chinese ceramic pots but I think my tea pot looks better :-P) But he saw me there and looked ghastly at me while I maintained an I-see-what-you-are-doing look on my face and didn’t pay heed. I saw guilt reek through every pore on his face. He’d just then admired my tea pot, how could he have possibly even considered looking at another just ten minutes after?? Unacceptable I say!

But everything changed the second my tea rival offered him a cup of tea. Yea she just said ‘here, taste some’ and poured him a cup. Who does that?? well it just hadn’t occurred to me that the very reason why he may have shown any bogus interest in my tea pot (yea right?) was all for a cup of tea in return. He grabbed his cup of tea, sniggered and sped past me while the sweet smell of fresh tea lingered on. Talk about eating humble pie.

Moral of the story: Nobody cares about your stupid tea pot. Just offer your colleague a cup of tea if you catch them staring at it.

And I have nobody but Murali to blame for my rude behavior.
Here’s why. When we make coffee or tea at home, Murali finishes his share of the said beverage in less than 3 seconds (okay make that 2) and stares at my cup until I get fed up and offer him a sip or two if/ when I’m in a good mood. Yea I’m a slow drinker and a periodic sharer. I hate sharing but I do it anyway because he just won’t let go otherwise. So, he excitedly finishes my share all by himself when I’m not paying attention. On noticing my empty cup two seconds later, I chase him around the house, catch hold of him and attempt to choke him. Five seconds into this brawl, he taps out and agrees to make me another cup of coffee (sorry tea, right I “quit” drinking coffee) and I let history repeat itself all over again. Now you know why sharing doesn’t come naturally to me? Thank you very much. I’m glad you blame Murali too.


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