Elder Scrolls Skyrim the dark soul

Had I known sooner just how much I would come to miss my room, my pillow, that rusty hand painted photo frame, my clunky old computer, never dissolving pile of laundry on my bed, arrested sunlight behind the spectral curtain, unsung ricocheting between four walls?

All that literal and figurative mess that I lived in…

Argh, forget it! No matter how hard I try, I won’t be able to give voice to how I feel. Today, I’ll just rumble along aimlessly. But who’s waiting to hear?

PS: The title of this post is from my annoying husband and I have no idea what it means! The things I go through in this house. Hmph!


4 thoughts on “Elder Scrolls Skyrim the dark soul

  1. Amogha

    Er…I did wonder, but guess it’s perfect for the ‘rumble-along-aimlessly’ scribble… the title of course. Nostalgic dear, sniff. You have a way with words! I miss my home of the past 7 years too. Though not my native, B’lore saw the 1st 7 yrs of my married life… the first 3 yrs of my daughter’s toddler life… B’lore’s still wired to my soul. Always special… Bangalore.


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