I know I don’t say it often enough (not even to myself really) but I love my friends, some more than others. It’s funny how there are only a handful of them who I’m willing to call ‘friends’. We all went to school together and that’s it, never again did our choice of college of work place co-inside ever again. But then…

Sure, we’ve had our moments more than meets the eye, but what matters is that we are still there for each other. Pardon my cliche, but when I say ‘being there’ I don’t mean it in an all-encompassing way. My friends are a bizarre lot, well lets see- we hardly speak to one another, we rarely lend a shoulder to cry on, we seldom know what’s going on in the other person’s life, we have hardly expressed our love for each other on social media and the works. But who cares? In my heart, I know they are there for me when I need them. I know I’m way too egotistic to go to anyone let alone my close friends when I’m having a tough time, but I know I can count on them if at all.

This time when I was in Bangalore, a last minute plan to spend the night at my friend Hem’s place was worth undergoing every bit of that traumatic drive just to get to her place. It could’ve only gotten better from there and it did and how! delicious home cooked food, a beautiful surprise and the best conversation overlooking my favorite city in the world from atop. That evening was something else I tell you.

During another sleep over party, Hem and I were trying our darn best to make our Meg’s (our new mommy friend) seven month old baby girl fall asleep. We sang one lullaby after another but the little creature didn’t budge. I almost gave up before I started singing sheela ki jawani and hem joined me unreservedly, as if she was expecting that kind of lunacy from me, and the two of us joined hands and spoiled the baby to our heart’s content. See why I love my friends? One lets me spoil her seven month old and another, indulges. Sigh.

Gosh, my life would have been boring as hell without these pests.


5 thoughts on “Friends

  1. RAMAN

    Yes, thats too cute.. Some friends, who hardly talk but in need, they are always there..

    Can I share a story? Why I am asking? I called my childhood friend, after 3 years and told him that I need 10000. He said ” Im busy in a meeting, drop ur account number” and he hung up the phone.
    Isnt it cutest friendship? You dont need to do formalities anymore, he didnt ask why I need money. Its called, BEING THERE for someone.. Yes, help can be non-monetary in nature

  2. mytinyworldofthoughts

    Sweetie, let me go on record and do the much needed. I’m here for you..Always..Anytime you need me..leave me a mail, I’ll respond once I get free:P

    Lovely read Ranj and the pictures don’t need a caption, they really do speak a thousand words!

    Keep it going love.


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