It’s going to be a winter wonderland

It has been a roller coaster ride- the month of February. I’ve gone from being angry to disappointed to excited to feeling let down. But finally (dare I say it!), I’m at ease with what we are about to embark upon, sanity be damned.

Had it not been for these unexpected turn of events, I’d be flooding this space every other day because I have so much going on if only staying at home wasn’t driving me a little nuts. I feel like I need to be up first thing in the morning, head to work, come home tired dreaming of some time off. Ironically, now that I have some time off (though I didn’t ask for it), I feel a little stuck, but I know it’s just a phase. Actually, it’s not as bad I make it sound, for example, I do enjoy taking long showers, listening to a lot of good music, reading, cooking & cleaning religiously and waking up with the sun feeling like a new person for reasons unbeknownst to me.

However, I’m totally reveling in all the extra time I can get with Murali though. I often feel like I come in between his love affair with all things gadgety, but I remind him of the times when I used to be the centre of his universe, of the time when his phone used to be filled with nothing but my pictures and my texts, windy evening bike rides around Rajajinagar on his Pulsar, a lot of handholding, a lot of making fun of each other, and a whole lot of kissing in public which almost got us arrested, still, never getting enough of each other. I remember going home late every day thinking ‘I miss him already!’. I should just go back to being 20 to learn how to love. Well a lot has changed and I can’t claim that it’s all the same but I’m going to miss being us, just the two of us. I am already a little jealous that Murali may come to love someone else more than me but I’ll learn to deal with it eventually.


2 thoughts on “It’s going to be a winter wonderland

  1. Little Fingers

    That last sentence will happen for sure especially now that you are bringing home another life . As I type this in my bed I see them cuddling and sleeping,I am ashamed to say I feel jealous to my own daughter,hate to share my husband but then that’s the family you make.


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