For what it’s worth

I reached office and got busy with stuff. Thirty minutes later, I got a call from Murali. ‘Can you come out for a second?’ he said. Floored, I rushed out the door and there he was with a bag full of food for his hungry wife. You see I had spilled all of the smoothie I had made this morning and left for work rather downcast, so he made a fresh batch after I’d left and drove all the way to my office. He cupped my cheek and said ‘You looked so sad when you left, I felt bad that you didn’t have anything to eat, so here’ and placed the bag in my hand and left. This small ordeal took two and a half hours of his time on a Thursday morning but who is counting? I waved- with a lump in my throat, eyes fogged up and an over enthusiastic baby flip-flopping in my belly, as he drove past me. If these two minutes are anything to go by, I’d say I have a pretty fantastic life.


Your Thoughts?

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