So far so good

For weeks now, I have been contemplating if I should write down her birth story somewhere or if I should keep it all to myself. It wasn’t as dramatic as I was made to believe-I’ll give you that, but I should probably write something down for her to read in the future. Right?

Gosh. I don’t know where to begin because I don’t know where it ends. Or does it? I want to say so much and yet, I can’t seem to garner two words (or two minutes?) to describe how I feel. Well, Mihira was born on Oct 24th at 1.42am- exactly on our third year anniversary. Yeah she is stealing our thunder already both literally and figuratively speaking. And I had the most amazing birthing experience at a hospital. Yes, a hospital! I am still in awe of what my body did that day all by itself. However, what took me by surprise was what came after. Nothing could have prepared me for it. But now, I have my daughter teaching me how to be a better mother, a cry and a smile at a time. In the beginning, she darn near killed me with love that I wasn’t equipped to handle but now, I can’t live without it!

I will come back and share more meaningful bits of my glamorous life, until then, pictures as per usual. 


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