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Bangalore Diaries

There is no other place like home I tell you. Murali and I lived like blissful new lovers for two weeks, without worrying about work, cooking or cleaning! I took long showers, wore short dresses, ate Jalebis to my hearts’ content and partied every other day.

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Reason # 2687 why I love my MIL

Yesterday evening, my husband and I were struggling to get some packing done for the big move this weekend. My phone rings and it was MIL who’d called to see if I can help troubleshoot her iPad glitch. I was covered in dust and running around frantically, so I asked my husband to help her out. It only took a few minutes to explain how to fix the problem but then, he went on to make sure that her privacy settings were OK, activate two-step authentication, update software (techie OCD??) and so on. It took him a little over an hour to get the darn iPad to work like it should. MIL hurriedly said her byes, wished us good night and Continue reading