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This week


What a gorgeous day in Seattle today. We woke up happy, bolted down some exceedingly satisfying breakfast, read a little & I spent some time at the lake while Murali snored all evening. And I am all set to make some dosas for dinner and even excited about it and I don’t remember the last time I was this excited to cook. While I am sure we can all make-do with a happy cook, sadly, it’s often inversely proportional to the quality of my cuisines, for I’m being engulfed by carefree ignorance to think so much y’all!
So, our home looks super-duper clean right now to a point of losing it’s originality but we’ve welcomed it with arms wide open, we got rid of the microwave oven, only fresh produce in the refrigerator, all to embrace a healthy lifestyle and so on.
Starting tomorrow (hopefully) I’m going to work on the blanket project that I started a month ago for a friend’s baby. Does that make me seem like the baby’s grandmother? Pssst, I am too happy to care today folks. Remember?
Unfortunately, this feeling of euphoria has resulted in me giving some unsolicited gyaan although every human alive is completely inert to my blog’s existence or what happens in this space. But today, it doesn’t matter. So, here goes –
  • Say no to polythene bags at grocery stores by carrying your own re-usable bag. (Note to self as well)
  • Grow herbs in small pots at home. It feels amazing when you see tiny green things sprout. OK, if this is too much task, buy small succulents and bonsai pots at least. They look fantastic on kitchen counters and hardly require any maintenance. But, plants are a must, ok?
  • Pick a diet plan and a workout regime to suit your liberal lifestyle, like the one that makes us sweat as well as relish a piece of rich chocolate cake occasionally.
  • It’s summer, which means, colourful shorts are coming out of the closet, deal?
As for bettering my photographing skills, I worked on bokehs and moving subjects at the lake today. Summer of 14 everybody.
PS: Murali shook hands (and took a selfie) with Mr. Tim Cook last week and I can’t stop raving about it ever since.

When it snowed in Seattle

When an ordinary Friday turned out to be this extraordinary. It’s ridiculous. Nothing should have the right to look this beautiful. What a day.