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Orcas Island

When my Tuesday turned yellow pink blue & green

Is anyone else following women against feminism movement on the web?

Apparently, if you are a feminist, you – feel victimized, feel oppressed, hate all men on the face of the planet, follow lesbianism (what does this even mean?), become ungodly mothers who’ll leave their toddlers in day care and won’t quit working (and this is a problem how?), teach their daughters and nieces to hate men, take catcalling too seriously although it’s seemingly more honorable than rape (WTF?) and here’s my personal favorite, women apparently will always need men to help open jars for them??

Seriously, is that what we are reducing our men to be? Walking talking jar openers? Is that it?

When I finally looked at their Tumblr page, I noticed majority of the women driving this movement are teenagers carving pretty pathetic pictures of themselves modeling with meaningless scribbles. It was obvious that some were a part of it to secure themselves a selfie spot on the web. I then backed out of my nasty twitter fight with strangers about it because it didn’t make sense anymore. Shouldn’t the www media hold back on giving them any kind of attention? Simply because it’s not healthy. They are being disrespectful to the homosexual community by simply declaring that all feminists are lesbians implying taunt, defaming working moms by calling them lousy mothers and advocating catcalling shamelessly. Is this the definition of anti-feminism then?

Sigh. I digress.

Picture time! Gold Creek Pond is an easy 1 mile hike in Snoqualmie Pass. Can you believe that this is actually a man made pond? It used to be a gravel pit in the 1970s which was dug up to help with a highway construction. The kind of human interference with nature that I for once like.

Lush of wildflowers, bees and pristine blue-green waters surrounded by mountains every which way you turn. I am pretty sure I’ll go back to this place again to spend more time and invariably end up taking even better pictures, but it was about my experience yesterday (specifically) that I want to remember, forever. What a dramatic Tuesday it was.

Never once imagined taking HDR pictures from my phone, but that day is here folks. Oh how I love my phone.

And Murali, thank you for being a kick ass kidnapper!


Duck Tale

On a beautiful (but rare) sunny afternoon, we decided to rent a boat and go around Lake Union. In the midst of nowhere, there came a few ducks following our little boat. This one particularly interesting chap wanted to hop in with us and show us around. So, he started following us. While I have no doubt that he knows the place better than all of us put together, we decided to let him be with his family when I was enjoying my time with mine. 
However, we watched a close up of this beautiful bird fly high to reach for our boat! What a sight!