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I know I don’t say it often enough (not even to myself really) but I love my friends, some more than others. It’s funny how there are only a handful of them who I’m willing to call ‘friends’. We all went to school together and that’s it, never again did our choice of college of work place co-inside ever again. But then…

Sure, we’ve had our moments more than meets the eye, but what matters is that we are still there for each other. Pardon my cliche, but when I say ‘being there’ I don’t mean it in an all-encompassing way. My friends are a bizarre lot, well lets see- we hardly speak to one another, we rarely lend a shoulder to cry on, we seldom know what’s going on in the other person’s life, we have hardly expressed our love for each other on social media and the works. But who cares? In my heart, I know they are there for me when I need them. I know I’m way too egotistic to go to anyone let alone my close friends when I’m having a tough time, but I know I can count on them if at all.

This time when I was in Bangalore, a last minute plan to spend the night at my friend Hem’s place was worth undergoing every bit of that traumatic drive just to get to her place. It could’ve only gotten better from there and it did and how! delicious home cooked food, a beautiful surprise and the best conversation overlooking my favorite city in the world from atop. That evening was something else I tell you.

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Elder Scrolls Skyrim the dark soul

Had I known sooner just how much I would come to miss my room, my pillow, that rusty hand painted photo frame, my clunky old computer, never dissolving pile of laundry on my bed, arrested sunlight behind the spectral curtain, unsung ricocheting between four walls?

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Bangalore Diaries

There is no other place like home I tell you. Murali and I lived like blissful new lovers for two weeks, without worrying about work, cooking or cleaning! I took long showers, wore short dresses, ate Jalebis to my hearts’ content and partied every other day.

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So close yet so far

I already smell it you know, the home made filter coffee and Avrekal Uppittu. I have this mental image of what my father’s expression’s going to be like when he opens the door to his Amrika daughter, rather naively. I don’t think I have it in me to hold my tears when I see him, but I shall try. The plan is to jump up and down, scream surprise!! Continue reading

‘Fake’ American accent anyone?

I was reading an article where the writer (Indian) critically mocks Indians who live in the west and pick up a ‘fake English accent’. And I have a problem with that comment in general.

In 2012, over two lakh jobs were added in the IT-BPO sector alone in India, according to a Nasscom article. Now, I’ve taken up a couple of BPO interviews myself before starting my master’s program to earn a few quick bucks, while I got the job both times, I just couldn’t convince myself to sign that damn offer letter. Continue reading

Moving Pains

House hunting is difficult. Even when I know what I want exactly, it’s still difficult.

We checked out a condo yesterday that we both fell in love with. It’s amazing! stunning locality, new kitchen cabinets, garage and even affordable for a change. But, it’s a brutal 50 minutes’ drive from my office. Plus it doesn’t have a dedicated balcony. If you’ve grown up in a middle class household in Bangalore all your life, you know what a luxury balcony can be. I know Seattle is not a drink-coffee-in-your-balcony kinda city, but I’m unwilling to be flexible in that department still. But, we’d lose a beautiful home because of my tomfoolery. We haven’t made a decision yet but we must in a couple of days. We have no time left.

And then there’s this other apartment. It’s on the ground floor (I can finally jump around as much as I want should we choose to move in here), dandy fireplace, island kitchen, a minute away from the downtown, private balcony and a four star rating on Yelp. A part of me feels like this will be it. Our second home. We’ll see about the run of my instincts very soon after taking a tour this evening.

But, you know what, I wish we didn’t have to move. I suck at letting go of things, I’m a hoarder of a kind. I realize that I’ve to stop being such a dufus and learn to let go gracefully, but I’m not there yet. Our home that we live in has everything we need except that it’s priced at an excess of 30% compared to resembling homes in the market. Why? I don’t know. But, this was the first home that I painstakingly set up inch by inch all by myself, okay okay Murali helped too, but I want to claim my bragging rights considering the man only had a set of black linens and a bed that he called home prior to this. We turned what one would call an apartment into a home that we love so much now.

An over sized TV unit, one couch per person, a work table that we didn’t need and vases in bathrooms as well. We shopped like a bunch of idiots when we started a life together, but such was the excitement of having our own home! This home! It doesn’t matter where we live next, I’ll hold this one very close to my heart. And oh, more than the home itself, I’ll miss the West Lake. I’ll be looking at the ten thousand pictures of my lake, the ducks, the plant life around the lake bed and that spectacular view of east Redmond with an extra eye when I see them from now on. They mean so much to me. This home has been witness to our budding relationship, of love laughter cries and anger. We’ll miss you dear home :-(

I’ll have to squeeze in time to take a few pictures of our home before we leave. One can only hope.