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Road trip every weekend

Is it just me or does nature overwhelm every one else as well? I am spamming my FB friends every other week because I simply cannot resist sharing. I mean you have to see it to believe it. The photos do no justice btw, but I keep trying.

Clouds may not have been camera’s best friend, but they sure as hell made my every step seem like a glamorous movie set of some sort. I was tempted to hold my skirt by it’s sides like a little girl and do a spin every other minute. Pure bliss I tell you.

This is one of those road trips that we’ll reminisce even 50 years from now. The stay, the view, the travel and the company has set a pretty high standard for those to come.

Four more weeks before the Sun takes off on his 6 month long vacation bidding farewell to it’s loyal devotees spurring me to-  curse the heck out of winter on my bone chilling drives to work every morning, envelop behind coats and woolen like an 80 year old, OD on coffee, gleefully enjoy that ‘one’ snow day in Seattle and force a certain friend of mine to make Pakoras for me.

For now, I’ll leave you all with these. Mt. Rainier – you are magical.


Of actor’s hymn & my first summer hike

Murali’s friends are rather smitten by Alia Bhatt. Okay, Murali is too and they all keep on arguing about who’s going to marry her?! Yeah, you have to look at them, they actually believe one of them is going to. Needless to say, we’ve been listening to a lot of Highway and 2 States songs every opportunity we get.

While I think she’s a gorgeous and talented fille, what I don’t get is the industry’s obsession about getting her to sing in movies as well? It was funny because for a second I actually believed the girl can sing. Thanks to the oh-so-evolved music industry, one doesn’t have to be a decent singer, all you need is a brilliant composer and an even better editor. Voila, welcome next gen hippie singer!

Think about it. Alia Bhatt was born into a filthy rich family, got her first big break in Bollywood when she was 15, is blessed with killer looks and her acting skills are not so bad either. So, she is living a dream by every standard. (I am completely discounting the bit where she didn’t know who our President was, but the internet has been harassing her enough so, I won’t). Now, why are composers like AR Rahman making her sing, tapping his feet to a marketing jig of sorts? Good grief, she may be many things, but she is NOT a good singer. Why are opportunities so rare being force-fed to actors like herself while we have million others more deserving and qualified, dreaming of a career break from musicians like Rahman? Doesn’t Alia herself realize that she can’t sing for nuts?

I don’t mean to say actors cannot be singers, in fact look at Anne Hathaway for example. Her lung-power together with an incredible performance bagged her a prestigious Oscar last year. Although her mother was a recognized actress in Hollywood and Anne could’ve lassoed acting jobs without much tussling, she went on to graduate from one of the most esteemed acting schools in the US. Her professionalism has my respect.

Just another day that I wonder how the majority of our B-town figures go on to become famous millionaires in a jiffy without any real struggle or sound acting qualification whatsoever. Sigh, I digress.

So, I went on my first summer hike last weekend. And we are planning on a couple more before the winters hit us. Stay tuned.

This was an easy-peasy 2 mile hike. Twin Falls trail near Snoqualmie Pass in Seattle.

Ms. Moon

Its volcanic outpour – immeasurable, and its surface – cratering. Reach – unearthly, and that comforting glow – only an illusion. A companion in the dark and to those that need someone to talk to. It’s time we acknowledge this extraterrestrial friendship eh?

I’m reading Geetanjali by Rabindranath Tagore. I’ve only finished Yeats’s introduction of Tagore still, and I am in awe of his words. The grasp that he has on his readers even centuries later is commendable. It’s really confusing every time I read a Biography or a book that has been translated because I end up liking the translator and the biographer more. Walter Isaacson and Coleman Barks on my mind. Now, Yeats.