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I made my own soap

So, I’ve been on a health quest for the last couple of weeks. Experimenting with food and stretching my darn best at the gym and I feel amazing. I’m nowhere near where I want to be, but I’ll get there eventually. (I hope)

And last week, I made my own soap. How cool is that?!

Growing up, this was my only soap. My mother believed in making everything herself, like everything. (Yea, now you know where I get my crazies from). So, she came up with creative and healthy ways to put just about everything in her kitchen to some use. It’s really simple, takes less than 10 minutes to make it and the results are fabulous so I had to share it.

Let’s all kiss unhealthy skin goodbye. Shall we? Continue reading


‘Fake’ American accent anyone?

I was reading an article where the writer (Indian) critically mocks Indians who live in the west and pick up a ‘fake English accent’. And I have a problem with that comment in general.

In 2012, over two lakh jobs were added in the IT-BPO sector alone in India, according to a Nasscom article. Now, I’ve taken up a couple of BPO interviews myself before starting my master’s program to earn a few quick bucks, while I got the job both times, I just couldn’t convince myself to sign that damn offer letter. Continue reading

Dear Anti-Modi Folks

I hope all you English speaking secular intellectuals of India are watching what Modi has been doing, observing keenly how he has been going places where no other Indian Prime Minister has. It was the same man that our disgraceful Congress party pointed fingers at and called him a murderer while the highest judicial authority in our country wrote him a clean chit for they couldn’t prove squat about his wrongful participation in the 2002 Godhra incident. It has been a slap in the face of Congress who’d simply assumed that he must have been guilty considering the man couldn’t care less about defending himself in public even once. I guess he didn’t have to you know, he had done above and beyond compared to any other preceding Chief Minister of Gujarat through decades of communal riots. Continue reading

Last Day Mourns

Dear J,

Black, beautiful and daunting. Words that perfectly describe who you are.

Will you promise me something? Promise to keep all my secrets safe? You know it all, don’t you? Although you were born in the US, you’ve been raised by an Indian household, baby. Indian classical music and Rahman’s pieces have an effect on you like no other arousing you to challenge everyone around you, Fast & Furious style. I sure hope I’ve helped you develop a decent taste in music, then?

You are my second home, a shelter when I walk out the door in fury, lending me a shoulder to cry on. Always.

Bitching about abrasive downpours will feel so incomplete without your company now. And oh remember our near death experience? You stepped up and saved me from the wrath of caustic danger by taking it all on yourself. Instead of demanding care and attention for your wounded coheres, you bragged of your warrior like scars.

36,000 miles is how far we’ve come, but I still don’t want to say goodbye. But this is it, J. You and I. You have to move on and find a new home and be just as good. OK?

So long my lovely, J. So long.

But wait. We have one last trip back home still. Come, let’s hold hands and sing our favorite song in chorus with the nimbuses just the way you like it, loud and fast. You ready?

Road trip every weekend

Is it just me or does nature overwhelm every one else as well? I am spamming my FB friends every other week because I simply cannot resist sharing. I mean you have to see it to believe it. The photos do no justice btw, but I keep trying.

Clouds may not have been camera’s best friend, but they sure as hell made my every step seem like a glamorous movie set of some sort. I was tempted to hold my skirt by it’s sides like a little girl and do a spin every other minute. Pure bliss I tell you.

This is one of those road trips that we’ll reminisce even 50 years from now. The stay, the view, the travel and the company has set a pretty high standard for those to come.

Four more weeks before the Sun takes off on his 6 month long vacation bidding farewell to it’s loyal devotees spurring me to-  curse the heck out of winter on my bone chilling drives to work every morning, envelop behind coats and woolen like an 80 year old, OD on coffee, gleefully enjoy that ‘one’ snow day in Seattle and force a certain friend of mine to make Pakoras for me.

For now, I’ll leave you all with these. Mt. Rainier – you are magical.