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SO, my pictures are going to get very cheesy in the coming months (if it already isn’t), for an year may be or maybe forever but I really don’t care! This space is for me and my family to remember this exhilarating year to be so I want to give into the cliche and document these beautiful yet insignificant bits of my everyday life. So lets get started.

Last week was pretty rad. We drove all the way to St. Helens, lost our way a few times -thanks to my very dependable navigation skill and reached the place just before sunset only realize that the actual place that we wanted to go to was one more hour away and closed till the end of May. Ha. Buuut, we managed to do a small hike which had a gorgeous view of the mountain throughout. So no big deal. Driving for 7+ hours was totally worth it. Or not. Whatever. I love my life!!