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Doesn’t this remind you of the little Tinker Bell? What? No?

OK, how else would you explain the golden pixie dust all over it’s wings then? Look closely, it’s a summer lovin’ fairy disguised as a fly.



Dear Summer

It rained cats and dogs today. All day. A record rain for July apparently. Rattling downpour on the windshield followed by bug-eyed driving in the company of the dismal skies teasing me about what’s coming in just a few months. Scary.

Summer, please don’t go away, I won’t ever say it’s too hot!

Snow please?

The balcony door is left ajar, fan running at it’s full speed and I am sleeping on the blanket instead of being under. Last I checked, I preferred dry summer heat and sunshine over frigid winds and wintry rains. But, here I am begging for a little snow or a freezer big enough to accommodate a full grown woman. Gosh, that makes me sound like a cold blooded killer. Oh well, at this point, I can definitely kill for a little rain.

Lake Chelan

This is what a day off from work in summer looks like. If you are living in WA state, this is a must see. I mean you absolutely cannot skip it. The food was great since most of the restaurants started in the early 1900s. So, you’ll get to taste what real fries taste like. Let me know if you are going, I can suggest a few.

By the lake, in the rain

After six long months, we finally had a general holiday last Monday. We drove up to Port Angeles, a beautiful little city near Crescent Lake. We’d booked lodges by the lakeside and it actually turned out to be far more picturesque than what I’d imagined. Surrounded by mountains and blue-green waters, a couple of days here was a vague indication of what it’d be like to soak in the beauty of nature and live an internet free life.
All in all, we had three days to ourselves and the day we’d planned on doing a million things (more like three), the rain gods were rather generous. But you know what, it didn’t matter. I live in Seattle so it’s obviously going to rain 364/365 days in a year, so, I have learned to suck it up and make merry. The good part though, was that we were five families that drove up to the mountains so we always had someone to talk to, someone posing for a picture and someone to play dumb-charades with, especially with my cousin’s riotous guess work, we laughed more than we guessed.
Kayaking took the spotlight all three days. We kayaked in the morning, we kayaked at night, we kayaked together and we kayaked alone. I ended up taking the day off after we returned because I couldn’t feel my back anymore the next morning, but, I’d do it again if I had to.
The sun was hidden somewhere between those tall mountains, but it still looked pretty spectacular. What is it about the Sun that makes people so happy? I’ve never been a fan of anything gold, but that golden hue across tall green trees did make me doubt my hypothesis a little bit.
I have come to realize that the duck population in WA  state is huge. These guys are everywhere. But, I am sure they are tired of loonies like me trying to snap a picture of their every move. I try to stay away from them, but they are such beautiful creatures and I almost feel guilty when I don’t run around them with my gears. Also, I can feel my camera nod in agreement as I write this.