Top 5 things to do while you are in San Francisco

5. You know you are SF when you are at the PIER! So, take a long walk here. It’s usually windy and the Sea Gulls will keep you company for most part of your walk.
4. You’ll meet a ton of caricature artists on the PIER – go for it and get one done. You’ll look nothing like yourself but the graphic art will make you laugh anyway! & well draw in paparazzi while you pose on the busiest street in SF. 
3. Catch a couple of dramatic dance renditions right in front of Aquarium of the Bay. I personally am not a fan of aquariums, so, I spent more time watching these beautiful young dancers instead. I must admit, if you like aquariums, this one is as good as it gets.
2. Fisherman’s Wharf- The fruit market here is the best I’ve seen. Strawberries were the best of the bunch. Oh wait, I haven’t gotten to the best part yet. They sell dark chocolate sauce with the strawberries. Can anything possibly race that? It’s like being in a fruit-heaven. 
1. Street Shopping- It’s a place that makes you wanna look at everything on the street. They have some really cool bags & beach sandals. Women, don’t hold back. Shop wholeheartedly.
I know you must be thinking how could I have missed The Golden Gate? Not yet. In my mind, that place deserves a post of it’s own. Stay tuned.


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